Diversity Entrepreneurs Partnership Initiative (D.E.P.I.)
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Diversity Entrepreneurs Partnership Initiative & COMMUNITY SPONSORS E-BOOK

Domestic and international etrepreneurs, human resource and logistic support sponsorship.

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Diversity Entrepreneurs Partnership Initiative (D.E.P.I) provides domestic and international companies alike with in-state and in-country partnerships packed with specialized expertise, human resource and logistic support which they need to promote their brand and find success in new markets.

MedAlliesWorld® and D.E.P.I implement collaborative partnerships with in-state professionals in the USA and with in-country businesses and professionals worldwide. Our mission is to generate career opportunities and community entrepreneurship options in the health industry marketing, sales and distribution sectors and in healthcare practice and clinical service management. Through MedAlliesWorld and the Diversity Entrepreneurs Partnership Initiative, each manufacturer has the capacity to economically sustain a permanent, physical representation and exposure for their brand worldwide, even in the most remote areas.

In-country professionals benefit from long-term employment and partnership opportunities in marketing, promotion, sales and distribution of healthcare, health and wellness products and services in their local and regional communities. New business graduates with an interest in marketing, sales, trade-shows and conference management, non-profit management, health industry sales and distribution are especially welcome. Industry-specialized training is provided by GHM manufacturers partners and by affiliated organizations.

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