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MedAlliesWorld® is more than a healthcare organization – it's a full-stock system of resources providing healthcare providers, manufacturers and distributors the opportunity to showcase their products and services to patients and consumers, from the community to the national and international level.

GHM Ebook: allows healthcare and wellness practitioners, such as physicians and surgeons, dentists and veterinarians to promote their services to their local market and nationwide.

GHM Depot: allows manufacturers of healthcare equipment to exhibit and sell their products through local sales professionals worldwide without conflict to their existing distribution channel

Health Affairs Meetings  / Health Affairs & Community Forums: provide health organizations and industry's professionals with grass-roots commerce tools to network with local businesses and local entrepreneurs while promoting their products and services to the local community and worldwide.

Health Affairs Congress & Expos: offers conferences and tradeshows with year-round exposure to healthcare and health & wellness businesses at the community, national and international level.

MedAlliesWorld® Lifeline Foundation: is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization founded to serve as the philanthropic arm of GHM. Its purpose is to help develop and implement nonprofit outreach tools aimed at promoting healthcare and wellness businesses as a means to impact community growth. The foundation's brand names include Health Affairs Congress, USAssist Polyclinic, Global-Assist Polyclinic and Lifeline Partners.

USAssist Polyclinic: partners with US non-profit organizations and professionals to implement business-oriented tools that provide health industry solutions to healthcare and wellness challenges and problems for needy individuals and communities in the United States. The USAssist Polyclinic Fund supports volunteer fire and emergency rescue squads, children's health and childhood development programs, veterans' health programs and assistance to individuals and families in distress resulting from displacement due to war or natural disaster. 

Global-Assist Polyclinic:  partners with in-country professionals to build and manage healthcare facilities in Africa.  It helps create self-sustained healthcare delivery systems, and coordinate career training in clinical services and in health industry marketing, sales and distribution.