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About GHM & Polyclinic Fund


The Global Assist Polyclinic Fund is the main inspiration for the MedAlliesWorld® GHM initiative. This project implements business-oriented tools that drive health-industry solutions to healthcare and wellness problems in developing communities in Africa and worldwide.

MedAlliesWorld®'s non-profit subsidiary partners with native healthcare and wellness professionals, local community businesses and global market partners to build medical facilities; create long-term healthcare delivery systems; and provide training in clinical services and health-industry marketing and distribution.

A portion of the revenue from GHM's global operations will be donated to MedAlliesWorld® Lifeline Foundation to implement the first phase of the Global Assist Polyclinic Fund's Initiative that includes building, equipping and managing one Global Assist Polyclinic in multiple developing countries in Africa by year 2022.

MedAlliesWorld® GHM considers the Global Assist Polyclinic Fund to be a collective initiative involving global health industry manufacturers, distributors and global healthcare providers. Each of GHM's partners will be credited for helping achieve the Global Assist Polyclinic Fund's initiative through their commercial collaboration with GHM Depot, Global-Assist Ebook, or through their sponsorship of Health Affairs & Community Forums, Health Affairs Congress & Expo and Partners in Healthcare Conferences.

GHM manufacturers, distributors and global partners are invited to co-sponsor one Global Assist Polyclinic Fund's Project in one or in multiple developing countries worldwide to secure long-term promotional value while helping impact many lives.

About GLobal-Assist Polyclinic Afrik

We are raising funds mainly by marketing MedAlliesWorld GHM’s products and services to customers worldwide, and by soliciting small business loans, corporate sponsorship and corporate grants in order to build, equip and operate state of the arts healthcare facilities serving the people of Mali and neighboring West Africa's communities. We envision building and operating polyclinics designed as modern community-style, private hospitals consisting of 50 to 120 in-patient beds with 12 - 20 different allied specialty clinics across Africa. Our objectives are: (1) to treat patients locally without the need for medical evacuation to a facility outside of their country of residence; (2) to support a Pan-African physicians and surgeons training program; (3) to create rewarding employment opportunities for healthcare professionals who are willing to remain in practice in Africa; (4) to help establish, manage and promote an affordable and self-sustained healthcare delivery system across Africa.